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    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    is the colorful buddy for school!

    The ergonomic fountain pen helps children develop good handwriting.

    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    Ergonomic School fountain pen

    STABILO EASYbuddy jr is the ideal fountain pen that helps children aged 7 and over to easily master their first steps into the world of writing! The fountain pen comes in the nib size M (standard) and in 2 color combinations – our pen is the perfect companion for youngsters!

    Your best school buddy.
    NEW: Your colorful buddy for school.

    The STABILO EASYbuddy jr is the perfect buddy for children at school. It is ergonomically designed especially for children’s hands, which makes it ideal for developing good handwriting. The fountain pen's non-slip soft grip zone ensures a secure hold and comfortable handling that prevents premature muscle fatigue. Moreover, STABILO EASYbuddy jr is ideal for right-handers and because it's easy to handle, it supports neat and tidy handwriting without blots and scratches. The fountain pen's spring-loaded cap ensures maximum leakage protection. The STABILO EASYbuddy jr is available in the nib variant M and in two different color combinations. On top of this, the spring with iridium tip is easy to replace by changing the gripping section. Additionally, the fountain pen can be refilled with two standard cartridges or a large-capacity cartridge.

    Product features:

    • STABILO fountain pen ergonomically designed especially for children’s hands
    • Prevention of premature muscle fatigue thanks to a relaxed hand posture.
    • Comfortable writing with non-slip soft grip zone - ideal for right-handers.
    • Neat and tidy handwriting due to easy handling – doesn’t blot, doesn’t scratch.
    • Simple monitoring of ink levels through an extra-large viewing window.
    • Easy to refill with either 1 large-capacity cartridge or 2 small, standard cartridges.
    • Comes with 1 royal-blue, erasable-ink cartridge.
    • The 2 color combinations in red/ blue and blue/ red are a colorful eye-catcher at school.
    • Available in iridium nib size M (standard).
    • No "pump" effect and blotting because tip is protected by a spring-loaded cap. Specially designed cap prevents ink from drying out and ensures that the ink does not leak.
    • Easy-to-replace nib incl. new gripping section.
    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    Exemplary blister card
    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    Blue / red; 5131/10-41 (Nib M)
    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    STABILO EASYbuddy jr
    Red / blue; 5131/9-41 (Nib M)

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